Greetings from The Rocket City!

It’s nice to meet you and we hope you’ve come here hungry! We know it can be hard to decide where to go to eat. And at first, you may think of Huntsville as being a small city in North Alabama, lacking in restaurant variety, but think again! Huntsville has recently grown to become the second largest city in the state of Alabama and is on track to become the largest city in Alabama within the next 5 years! Along with that explosive growth came an abundance of culinary diversity.

Now, with that kind of development, there’s really not time for the average person to go out and sample every new place. That’s what we’re here for!

We have begun a quest to unearth the best eateries in the Rocket City, both new and old. We go out, devour and conquer, and then we come back, collect our thoughts, and present our data to you, here

So read along, fellow foodies, and savor our findings. Maybe you’ll find your next favorite spot to feast!


The Huntsfull Team

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