Hopefully we can answer some of your most pressing questions here...

Q. What makes you think you’re qualified to critique restaurants?

A. Several of us have worked in the food industry, several of us have studied business, marketing, and customer service in school and at various jobs, we all grew up in the South, where food is abundant and delicious, and we JUST LOVE FOOD, okay? We want to bring you a “normal” person’s view of restaurants, not some highfalutin’ food critic’s opinion. You can trust our opinions! (Read more about our qualifications here.)

Q. Are you just in Huntsville, or do you guys visit Madison as well?

A. We may explore Madison later (when we eat all of the food in Huntsville) but we haven’t gotten there yet! Do you have Madison restaurant suggestions for us? Send us your advice here.

Q. How do I get you to review my restaurant? 

A. Wow, we’re flattered! Just shoot us an email and we will definitely consider visiting!

Q. Where can I find more information on a specific restaurant you reviewed?

A. At the end of each review we do, we provide a link to the restaurant’s website (if they have one), so you should totally go check them out! Then send us a message and let US know what YOU think about them! We love to hear from you!

Q. Where can I follow you on social media?

A. We are currently on Facebook and Instagram. We’d love for you to follow us!

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