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Holtz Leather Co.

HOLTZ LEATHER COMPANY | This past Friday after our work lunch, we decided to stop in at Holtz Leather Co. off of Meridian Street. We were already in the area after eating at Dallas Mill Deli and had been wanting to look into the Holtz’s shop.

This “small” family business, started by Rick and Coleen Holtz and their entire family, is having enormous success and growing rapidly in popularity, not only in Huntsville, but nation-wide! 

Several of us hadn’t had the chance to visit Holtz or the Preservation Company before and we were so pleasantly surprised! Their gorgeously decorated store windows put us in a wonderful holiday spirit and raised our definition of “window shopping” considerably. 

The friendly staff spoke with us at length about their manufacturing processes. We were very impressed to find out that their manufacturing takes place here in Huntsville, right above their sales floor! 

Visit their website here to view some of their beautiful handmade leather items, or follow them on Facebook here!

Preservation Company

PRESERVATION COMPANY | Right next door to Holtz is the Preservation Company, housing a beautiful collection of vintage building materials and unique finds! Founded in 2017 by Jason and Christa Butler and their family, the Preservation Company is truly a standout business in Huntsville. 

Traveling all over the world to introduce artistically beautiful architectural pieces and supplies to Huntsville, the Butlers obviously work very hard to make their business the shining gem that it is. 

A few categories of the merchandise you may find in the Preservation Company are the following: 1) Lighting, 2) Crates, Bins, & Boxes, 3) Intriguing Objects, 4) Ironwork, 5) Trim, Mantles & Corbels, and 6) Windows & Doors.

Find them on Facebook here or check out their website here

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